Top picks for your summer holiday in Ylläs

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Ylläs offers exquisite nature, unique accommodations, and great possibilities for outdoor activities in summer.

Ylläs, the largest ski resort  in Finland, transforms into the country's biggest bike park in the summer and offers the highest sauna in Finland atop Yllästunturi Fell. However, Ylläs, located in the western part of Lapland, 160 kilometres north of Rovaniemi, has much more to offer. 

You can reach Ylläs by flying to Kittilä, which is about 45 kilometres east of Ylläs. Alternatively, you can take the train to Kolari and then transfer to a bus or taxi for the remaining 43 kilometres. The Ylläs area comprises two Lappish villages: Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi, both of which are worth visiting.

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Things to do in Ylläs

Explore the seven fells of Ylläs and its vast wilderness on a hike or by bike. Right by the village of Ylläs, you’ll find Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Here, you can visit a wilderness café like Café Kotamaja, which is located about 10 kilometres from Äkäslompolo and serves lunch and local delicacies.

In Ylläs, you can also visit the biggest bike park in Finland, which offers lots of trails, also for beginners. Downhill biking offers you the chance to experience Lapland’s varied terrain – from the barren fell landscape at the top to the green forest at the base. Hiking and mountain biking trails are open for summer visitors from mid-June to early October.

If you’re itching to try a new outdoor sport or simply have a competitive spirit, you should visit Ylläs during Ylläs Outdoor Week in July. This event features different trail running and mountain biking events, as well as other fun outdoor activities.

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Ylläs Bike Park has also training tracks perfect for the little daredevils in the family.
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Must-sees in Ylläs in the summer

To experience the midnight sun, which is when the sun shines throughout the night, make sure to visit Lapland in June or July. Read more about the magic of the Midnight Sun

One of the greatest ways to see spectacular views of the fells in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is by biking to the top of Kukastunturi Fell. The long ascent leading to the top of Kukastunturi Fell begins at the café near Kotamaja hut. The slope becomes gentler as you near the top, and the surrounding landscape gradually opens up around you.

Another excursion that’s suitable for the whole family, go hiking or biking along the lakeside trail of Kesänkijärvi, which is around 6 kilometres long. Here, you’ll see a beautiful reflection of the steep slopes of Kesänkitunturi fell and Kellostapuli peak on the lake’s surface.  

Varkaankurunpolku Trail is another short and easy trail (4 kilometres) that winds through lush forests of 200-year-old spruce trees. If you want to go even higher, Tuomikuru is the place to be.

Encounter a reindeer or two on your visit to Kukastunturi Fell.
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A moment of silence on Lake Äkäslompolo.
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Cottage, hotel, or hostel – Ylläs has it all

Many guests visiting Ylläs like to stay in a comfortable holiday home. If you’d like to try a cosy wooden cottage in a genuine local village, check out the many opportunities provided by Ylläs. Most cottages have their own sauna. 

In the heart of Äkäslompolo village, you can stay at a cosy boutique lodge called Ylläs Lodge 67˚N. This lodge is particularly well-suited for guests who want to avoid large hotels, appreciate personal service, and would like to travel sustainably. Typically, the lodge is open from late June to early October. 

Arctic Skylight Lodge offers eco-friendly accommodations in serene surroundings with 10 luxurious glass cabins. The restaurant connects visitors with nature through its stunning views and tasty local and seasonal delicacies, and the lodge is open for the season from mid-July to late September. 

If you’d rather stay at a hotel, head to Lapland Hotels Saaga just next to the Ylläs Bike Park. Saaga is great choice for hikers and mountain bikers due to its trailside location. It also has a relaxing spa with saunas and a gym.

Snuggle up and relax in at Ylläs Lodge 67˚N after a long day of adventure.
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Unique picks for summer in Ylläs

You probably know by now that visiting a Finnish sauna is a must. In Ylläs, you can stop by the highest sauna in Finland, which is on top of Yllästunturi Fell and equipped with an outdoor jacuzzi. 

Finally, have you ever tried salmon fishing? In Lappea, around 70 kilometres south from Ylläs, you can fish from the shore if you have the right equipment, but you can also explore the secrets of salmon trolling with the help of an experienced fishing guide. Salmon fishing on the Tornionjoki and Muonionjoki rivers is permitted from early June through August. 

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