Most interesting summer events in Lapland - from cool to quirky

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Credits: Pietari Purovaara / KEKSI

Experience unique Lapland culture under the endless golden light

The breathtaking Arctic nature, as well as the natural phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, make Lapland a stunning place to visit during summer. Add an extraordinary event to the equation, and you’re about to have an experience of a lifetime.

Here are some of our favourite events to suit your likes whether you look for something cool, sporty, or quirky!

Article updated on Feburary 6, 2024. 

During the summer months, the sun doesn't set above the Arctic Circle.
Credits: Harri Tarvainen

Midnight Sun Film Festival, 12.-16.6.2024 in Sodankylä

If you love cinema, the chances are you’ve already heard of the legendary Midnight Sun Film Festival. The endless, golden light of the Northern Sun along with the curious mix of international and local audiences create a unique atmosphere that has made this annual festival in Sodankylä a real pilgrimage for film enthusiasts. The first festival was organized in 1986. Apart from renowned film director visits, and 24h film screenings, the festival is also known for its mesmerizing silent film concerts.

The Midnight Sun Film Festival is all about catching films and sunrays – even in the middle of the night.
Credits : Juho Liukkonen
The unique location in summer Lapland makes the Midnight Sun Film Festival one of the most unique film festivals in the world.
Credits: Sanna Larmola

Solstice Festival, 20.-22.6.2024 in Ruka

Solstice Festival has quickly become a cult event for all the cool kids around the world. An essential part of the charm is the unique festival site at Ruka, an arctic fjeld half a kilometre above sea level. There, you can enjoy the hypnotic sounds of electronic music, on-site art installations as well as magnificent vistas over pine trees and lakes under the magical light of the Midnight Sun.

Credits : Sanni Riihimäki
Credits: Dennis Konoi

Nuts MTB, 20.7.2024 in Ylläs-Levi

Nuts MTB held in Ylläs-Levi is a dream-come-true event for all mountain bikers. Breathe in the pure air and enjoy the ride in the vast landscapes of the northern fells. Depending on your mood and condition, you may either participate in the race or pedal for fun at your own speed. The three routes (75 km, 55 km, and 30 km) are a sure way to test your fitness level!

Credits: Nuts MTB

Downhill Swim, 20.7.2024 in Oulanka National Park

Up for a fun challenge? Downhill Swim is an open-water event held in the crystal-clear waters and pure nature of Oulanka National Park near Kuusamo. During the action-packed day, the participants swim either 24 km (15 m) or 12 km (7,5 m) downstream in River Oulanka in pairs, wearing a wetsuit. Spend a sporty day outdoors with like-minded people and you’re bound to leave one experience richer.

Oulanka National Park provides a mesmerizing scene for the Downhill Swim competition.
Credits : Julia Kivelä

Upside Down day in Salla

Upside Down day, also known as Äinpäin-päivä in Finnish, is a family-friendly event organized every year in Salla parish village in July. “Äinpäin” in the regional dialect means “upside down”. Inspired by the endless light of the Midnight Sun, the local entrepreneurs came up with an original idea. As nights up North are as bright as days, they decided to organize an event where the whole day is turned around on its head! The quirky Upside Down event, taking place in the late hours, thus makes space for all sorts of inventions that are reversed from the everyday.

Upside Down Day, like many other local events in Finland, give visitors the chance to see the locals and their lifestyle.

Ijahis Idja, 16.-17.8.2024 in Inari

Curious to experience the living Sámi culture? Make sure not to miss Ijahis Idja, the only music festival in Finland focusing on the music of the Sámi. This annual festival, translating as the “Nightless Night”, has been held in Inari since 2004. Along with traditional Sámi music acts, the line-up also includes upcoming artists’ performances and club nights celebrating the music of indigenous peoples. Feel free to attend Ijahis Idja along with kids as the festival also organizes fun, daytime program for the little ones in the family.

Credits : Ville Fofonoff / Ijahis Idja
Credits: Ville Fofonoff

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