From amusement parks to Moomins – explore family-friendly southern Finland

Credits: Moomin World

Starting Point: Helsinki
2-4 days

Journey: Explore family-friendly southern Finland

Finland is known as the world’s happiest country and is a safe, family-friendly destination. Start your journey in the Helsinki region, where you’ll visit gorgeous Oodi Library, then head to Vantaa to explore the Science Centre Heureka. And don’t forget about the Moomins at Moominworld!
Oodi from above

Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Central Library Oodi is an urban meeting place in Kansalaistori Square, right in the heart of Helsinki. It's a non-commercialized public space that is open to and enjoyed by all.

Travel tip

From Helsinki, you can take a two-hour train trip to Lakeland and the city of Tampere. Visit for more information about train timetables and tickets. Families might want to rent a car, as the highway from Helsinki to Tampere is easy to navigate and there are many international car rental companies operating in the area. In Tampere, visit the Särkänniemi Amusemement Park, the world’s only Moomin Museum, as well as Museum Centre Vapriikki.

Travel tip

From Tampere, continue your journey to Turku and the city of Naantali, home of Moominworld. When in Finland with kids, this lovely theme park is a must-visit attraction! The easiest way to get from Tampere to Naantali is by car. The drive takes about two hours.

Helsinki highlights for families

Helsinki is one of the safest capital cities in the world and is a great place to visit with kids. No matter the weather, there are plenty of family-friendly things to do both inside and outdoors. Here are just a few, along with some child-friendly places to stay and eat.
Sky Room

Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Tampere highlights for families

Tampere, with its Lakeland charm and industrial history, offers plenty of unique places for families to visit. There are also many accommodations and restaurants to choose from.

Turku region highlights for families

Turku is Finland’s oldest town and was once the nation’s capital. This city is full of maritime charm and history, making it an interesting place to explore with kids. There are also a variety of family-friendly hotels in the area.