Exploring the Small Archipelago Trail – Where maritime history meets charming villages

Credits: Jemina Sormunen

Starting Point: Turku
1-3 days

Journey: Explore the Small Archipelago Trail

The Small Archipelago Trail, located near the historic city of Turku, is a shorter version of the full Archipelago Trail. It’s perfect for a quick trip and possible to do from May until mid-September. Walk, bike or rent a car and fall in love with the beautiful Turku archipelago. This journey takes place in the Turku Archipelago and travels from Turku – Naantali – Rymättylä – Seili – Nauvo-Parainen – Turku.
Turun linna

Turku Castle

Stately Turku Castle has guarded the mouth of the Aura River since the late 13th century. Explore the splendour (and bleakness) of medieval times in the castle's keep and ballrooms, which were built by Duke John.

Travel tip

Turku's public transportation is called Föli and you can find more information about their timetable and routes on their website at The lovely city of Naantali is just a little over a 30-minute bus ride away from Turku. If you have time – take the old steamship Ukkopekka from Turku to Naantali and enjoy the beautiful archipelago views.

Places to eat along the small archipelago trail

Don’t miss these restaurants and cafés along the trail from Turku to the islands, many of which feature fresh, local ingredients.
Kaskis new dish

Restaurant Kaskis

Places to stay along the small archipelago trail

On this route, we suggest a mixed bag of accommodations. Try a city hotel in Turku, then book a traditional maritime establishment in the islands. You can even stay at a spa!