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Credits: Mariia Kauppi

These are the top things to do in Hanko, Tammisaari and Raasepori region

Hanko is the southernmost city in Finland, a little more than a 1.5-hour-drive from Helsinki. Halfway between Hanko and Helsinki, you’ll find the Raasepori region, with Tammisaari at its centre – both of which are a great change of scenery. As a historical beach and spa town, Hanko gives easy access to relaxation, whilst in Raasepori, you can experience the small-town charm of Tammisaari and explore the historical artisan villages.

Hanko’s beaches have nautical-themed changing rooms.
Credits : Raija Lehtonen
Mustio Castle (Mustion Linna) is a manor-style hotel that’s located on the way from Helsinki to Raasepori.
Hangon Casino is an iconic seaside restaurant that dates back to 1878.
Credits: Mariia Kauppi

Take a dip in Hanko spa and admire the buildings

Hanko is the sunniest place in Finland and ideal for perfect summer days by the sea, enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenes. The city has 130 km of shoreline, consisting of both fine sand and beautiful rocky coves. You can choose a beach in the town centre or walk a little further to find a quiet nook for yourself. If you want to learn about the beautiful wooden villas, visit the Tourist Office to get a guide book or to sign up for a guided architecture tour.

Hanko’s life as a spa town began in the late 19th century. Today, the Regatta SPA offers wellness experiences all year round in an elegant, modern setting with magnificent sea views. Take a dip in the pools or relax in the saunas. During the summer season, the spa is reserved exclusively for hotel guests.

Hanko is one of Finland’s most famous summer cities. It’s known for the Hangon regatta – a can’t-miss sailing event (and party!). Hangon Casino is a fixture of the Hanko restaurant scene.
Credits: Mariia Kauppi

Explore the coast

Close to the coastline of Hanko, there are three magnificent lighthouses and many islands that can be reached by cruise from the Eastern Harbour. Visit Bengtskär, the tallest lighthouse in the Nordics; cruise through the Baltic Sea and see the seals in the outer archipelago; or visit the historical rock carvings at Hauensuoli, meaning Pike’s gut, where seafarers have carved their names, coats of arms and even short stories. For novice birdwatchers and professional ornithologists alike, Hanko is the top spot to visit –about 270 bird species are spotted annually on the cape of Hanko. There are birdwatching towers in Svanvik and Täktom. Learn more about Finland's wonderful wildlife.

Credits: Nora Wilson

Go castle-hopping

Credits: Raija Lehtonen

The municipality of Raasepori was named after a medieval castle with the same name: Raaseporin linna. The castle was a lively trading place as far back as the 15th century. Today, it’s some of the most impressive ruins in Finland. Roam the Knight's Hall, peek through the loopholes of the hallways and admire the scenery from the vantage point.

A 30-minute-drive from Raasepori castle is Mustion Linna, one of Finland's most valuable manor houses, consisting of five buildings with over 200 years of history. The carefully restored manor serves as a museum and hotel. The surrounding, English-style park with sculptures, various plants and a lake is a wonderful resting place for visitors. The manor is also the site of an award-winning restaurant that serves locally produced, high-quality food.

Credits : Julia Kivelä
Mustio Castle – or ‘Mustion Linna’ in Finnish – is home to a hotel, restaurant and museum.
Credits: Julia Kivelä

Visit the artisan villages of Raasepori

Credits: Julia Kivelä

The 17th century ironworks, Fiskars and Billnäs, have become lively artisan villages that are popular to visit throughout the year. Fiskars Village is known today as the centre of Finnish art and design. High quality restaurants, hotel facilities, plus various workshops, events and shops offer plenty to see and do.

Billnäs has residential and commercial buildings dating from the 1700s, with its original craftsmanship still intact. It’s worth visiting Rakennusapteekki, where they specialize in renovating old houses, for a deeper understanding of the impressive handiwork.

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Wander the narrow alleys of Tammisaari

Tammisaari Old Town has wooden houses that spread out to the seashore. The streets are still inhabited – carefully peer over the fences to see gardens as you stroll along the narrow alleys. For centuries, the town has been populated by skilful craftsmen. Even today, its filled with shoemakers, watchmakers, furniture upholsterers and carpenters, to mention a few.

Visit the beautiful stone church and pop in for a coffee in one of the cafés and bakeries. If you’re after something more filling, head to the zero-waste pizzeria YLP! where everything is handmade using ingredients from small-scale, local producers. Art House Chappe, opened in 2023, is also worth a visit for both art and modern architecture lovers. From Tammisaari, it’s easy to embark on a day trip to Jussarö island.

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Credits: Julia Kivelä
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