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The reason for visiting Haltia Lake Lodge is nature itself. Just 30 minutes from Helsinki, you will find breathtakingly beautiful scenery here. Lakes, forests, canyons, wetlands and rugged cliffs cover the landscape and provide an exceptional backdrop for various activities such as hiking, canoeing, mountain biking or bird watching. Here everyone will find a way to experience and enjoy nature and its healing powers, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The lodge is small, consisting of 20 rooms and 5 glamping tents. The forest lounge & bar serves as a living room for guests and, like the rooms, has a very cozy character. The style is unique and the whole concept is a mix of Finnish design and recycled furniture and materials. A large part of the details and items were designed with the innovative Plan B team from Kierrätyskeskus, Greater Helsinki's reuse centre.

The Finnish nature center Haltia is right next to the lodge. There are fantastic exhibitions, gear hire, a trekking equipment and gift shop, Haltia Restaurant, excellent meeting and sauna facilities, as well as an accessible lookout point, campfire sites and courses and events tailored to each season. The surrounding Nuuksio National Park has a network of tens of kilometers of hiking trails, and there are also several activities offered by both the lodge and local outdoor businesses.

In November 2022, Haltia Lake Lodge was announced as "the Best Sustainable Hotel: Europe" at the World Boutique Hotel Awards in London.

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Haltia Lake Lodge

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