Explore the tastes of Turku Archipelago

Explore the Turku archipelago and its unique flavours on this journey.

Credits: Jemina Sormunen

Starting Point: Turku
2-3 days

Journey: Explore tastes of Turku Archipelago

On this journey, you will get to experience the beautiful Turku archipelago region on the west coast of Finland and the fresh flavours of the Baltic Sea. Start your nautical food tour in the historic city of Turku. The best time for this journey is during the summer months.

Restaurant Smör

Restaurant Smör, selected as one of the best restaurants in Finland, is a great first step in Turku for all foodies. Smör offers a sophisticated culinary trip to Nordic flavours.

Travel tip:

Once you've visited the culinary destinations in the city of Turku, head to the nearby archipelago. Cute villages with wonderful little restaurants, cafés, and bnb's await.

Cafés and breweries

Can't get enough of food and the Turku archipelago? Check out these wonderful cafés and breweries along the route.

Café Hallonblad

Places to stay

The Turku archipelago is famous for unique places to stay from bnb's to hotels. Take a look at our selection of some of the best along the route.

Food activities

Searching for unique food activities near Turku? Look no further, here's a look at a few of the most interesting ones.