10 new unique places to stay in Finland

Credits: Hilltop Forest, PuuroVisuals

From modern wooden cabins and brand-new glass huts to resorts with a touch of luxury

Finland offers a plethora of unique accommodation options that showcase the country's breathtaking natural beauty both in the materials and the locations. In recent years, there has been upsurge in unique new hotels, resorts, and cabins opening up around the country.

We've curated a list of the coolest and most recently opened ones where you can immerse yourself in Finnish nature and find your inner happiness.

Article published in June 2023.

Credits: Hotel Vihannonkulma

1. Hilltop Forest – Inkoo, Helsinki region

Hilltop Forest, a small resort in Inkoo, offers charming triangular wooden huts with large windows facing a lush forest. Curl up in the fresh linen bedding and admire the view over the majestic pine trees and birches. The sole mission of the day is to stroll through the forest to the nearby spa. The resort's restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, freshly baked pizzas, wine, and forest-inspired dinners. Hilltop Forest is a perfect minivacation destination, just a under an hour-drive from Helsinki. Eat, sleep and repeat.

Credits : HillTop Forest, Joonas Linkola
Credits: HillTop Forest, Joonas Linkola

2. The Torby – Fiskars village, Helsinki region

The brand new Torby Hotel, opened in June 2023, is nestled in the charming Fiskars Village. The Torby offers an enchanting retreat for travellers seeking tranquillity and inspiration. Set amidst the lush countryside of the Helsinki region, this boutique hotel seamlessly blends modern design with the rich cultural heritage of the Fiskars village. The village is a treasure trove of creativity, with its vibrant art studios, quaint shops, and idyllic gardens. Guests can explore the local craftsmanship, indulge in delicious Finnish cuisine, or simply immerse themselves in the serene ambiance. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or a cultural adventure, the Torby Hotel and Fiskars Village promise an unforgettable experience.

Credits : The Torby
Credits: The Torby

3. Hotel Vihannonkulma – Loimaa, Coast and Archipelago

The Hotel Vihannonkulma building, a private home of the car dealer Olli Vihanto, was closed for almost 30 years until the apartment was rediscovered and revived into a boutique hotel opened in 2022. Spend the night in a classic room with sleek Alvar Aalto inspired lines, or in a modern 70s-style room with eccentric details and teak furniture. Enjoy the small-town atmosphere of Loimaa and stroll around in cafés, shops, and historical buildings. Loimaa, located 50 minutes northeast of Turku, serves as a gateway to the surrounding forests and nature.

Credits : Hotel Vihannonkulma
Credits: Hotel Vihannonkulma

4. Kanava Resort – Oravi, Lakeland

Located on a narrow headland surrounded by Lake Saimaa, Kanava Resort is a haven for happiness seekers and outdoor adventurers. The resort is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural beauty. The buildings, constructed with sustainable materials, seamlessly blend into the landscape, providing an immersive experience for guests. The resort offers a range of activities across the year. In the winter, take a ride on a snowmobile or slide down the terrain on a pair of skis. During summer hop on a canoe, grab the oars and slide through the waters. Make sure not to miss the most popular Lakeland adventure: spotting ringed seals together with a guide. Kanava Resort is just a short drive away from the national parks Linnansaari and Kolovesi. While you are in the area, remember to also visit the historical landmark Olavinlinna Castle and the iconic Punkaharju Ridge.

Credits : Kanava Resort, Paavo Hamunen
Credits: Kanava Resort, Paavo Hamunen

5. PihlasResort – Joroinen, Lakeland

Located on the shore of the biggest lake in Finland, Lake Saimaa, PihlasResort is the perfect place to embrace luxury. The brand new suites, opening in summer 2023, are equipped with a kitchen, a private sauna, and a terrace facing a private garden. Relax by the lake, have a drink in a jacuzzi, or feel the rejuvenating power of an authentic Finnish sauna – relaxation is guaranteed. During your visit, dine in the resort's own restaurant Siimes, or enjoy a unique tea menu in the nearby TeaHouse of Wehmais.

Credits: PihlasResort

6. Villipeura’s Niliaitta – Kivijärvi, Lakeland

At Villipeura's holiday village in Kivijärvi, located less than two hours north of Jyväskylä in central Lakeland, unique birdhouse-like boxes are elevated on pillars in the midst of a charming Finnish forest. These uncommon holiday cottages draw inspiration from traditional food storage sheds that were built on wooden pillars to protect food from animals in the past. In the holiday village area, you have access to a range of activities, including tennis, frisbee golf, and fishing. Nature trails of the national parks Salamajärvi and Pyhä Häkki are just around the corner.

Credits: Studio Puisto

7. Glass huts in Skyfire Village – Rovaniemi, Lapland

At Skyfire Village in Rovaniemi you may need to pinch yourself to figure out whether the view is real: the panoramic windows in the glass huts allow you to gaze at northern lights in autumn and winter, or the midnight sun in the summer directly from your bed. Skyfire Village is in a quiet location with no light pollution making it even easier to see the auroras. The village's own restaurant, Sky Hut Restaurant & Bar, offers tailor-made menus by a professional chef using local ingredients.

Credits : Skyfire Village Rovaniemi
Credits: Skyfire Village Rovaniemi

8. Kurula’s – Pyhätunturi, Lapland

Kurula’s in Lapland's pristine Pyhä region is the perfect vacation getaway for those who want a combination of quiet relaxation and outdoors activities. In the summer, go on a hike in Finland’s oldest national park Pyhä-Luosto or ascend the fell with a skiing lift to admire the views. In the winter, embark on a husky or reindeer safari and hunt the northern lights. Your own private lakeside sauna in the suite is a perfect way to end a day full of adventures. Kurula is close to the popular outdoor and skiing resort of Pyhä.

Credits: Kurula's

9. Arctra – Rovaniemi, Lapland

At Arctra's private luxury resort near Rovaniemi in Lapland, you can enjoy a glamorous vacation atop the mighty hill of Ollerovaara, with stunning views of arctic nature. Explore the landscape by foot, on skis, or on a husky sled. A private 20 hectare wilderness area will guarantee that there most likely won’t be another soul in sight. Cosy up in your stylish suite or at the spa area. Arctra is only a 15-minute drive from Rovaniemi airport. The cottage serves as an excellent home base to explore Rovaniemi as well as the surrounding wilderness.

Credits : Arctra, Petri Teppo
Credits: Arctra, Petri Teppo

10. Cahkal Hotel – Kilpisjärvi, Lapland

Cahkal Hotel is located 400 kilometres above the Arctic Circle in the northwesternmost point of Finland, in the truly unique Nordic wilderness. Cahkal is an ideal destination for experiential travellers looking for a view – all the hotel rooms have exquisite mountain views. Embark on an expedition with a local guide to explore the arctic landscape and even pop by in Norway to see the fjords and the Arctic Ocean. Unwind in the hotel's sauna after an adventure of a lifetime. Cahkal's heating system operates by sustainable geothermal heating and solar panels provide visitors with green electricity.

Credits: Cahkal Hotel

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