Island hopping in eastern Coast and Archipelago

Explore the eastern part of the Coast and Archipelago

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Starting Point: Helsinki
1-3 days

Journey: Island hopping in eastern Coast and Archipelago

This summer journey takes you island hopping from Finland's capital Helsinki to the maritime city of Kotka and explores interesting sights and cities along the way. We start this journey in the island of Vallisaari in Helsinki. The best time to take this journey is between May and September.
Retkeilijöitä polulla suuren puun luona Vallisaaressa. Taustalla aurinkoinen merimaisema. Kuva: Katri Lehtola


The island of Vallisaari near Suomenlinna is a great day trip destination in Helsinki. Formerly used by the Finnish Defence Forces, the island offers visitors the chance to enjoy its interesting history, diverse flora, nautical views, as well as café and restaurants services. If you wish to stay overnight and camping is your thing, try a Tentsile experience!

Island hopping tip:

The next destination on our journey is the historic town of Porvoo east of Helsinki. In true island hopping fashion, we recommend that you travel from Helsinki to Porvoo on the iconic steamboat M/S Runeberg. Cruises are available weekly in the summer. Read more at

Travel tip:

Next the journey moves further east to the Loviisa region. Loviisa is famous for its wooden houses, cozy alleyways, charming gardens, interesting history, and lovely culinary experiences. This leg of the journey is fastest by car, the ride takes about 30 minutes.

Places to eat

Here are some suggestions of great restaurants and bars along the way.
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Restaurant Shelter

Here are some suggestions of interesting hotels and places to stay along the way.