Ironworks villages of the South Coast

Discover the industrial history of Finland and see the transformation of the ironworks into charming and picturesque villages of today.

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Starting Point: Strömfors ironworks
4-5 days

Journey: Tour of the ironworks villages of the South Coast

In the 16th century, Finland saw the establishment of its first ironworks, primarily producing a wide range of iron goods. Today, many of these historical ironworks villages have been carefully restored, providing visitors interesting destinations to explore year-round. These renowned gems offer a captivating blend of history, culture, art, authentic village life, and local cuisine. This journey starts from the Strömfors ironworks village in Ruotsinpyhtää and continues west ending at Noormarkku and the Ahlström ironworks area. The easiest way to travel through this route is by car.
Located in the village of Ruotsinpyhtää in Loviisa, Strömfors Ironworks is one of the best preserved ironworks communities in Finland.

Strömfors Ironworks

The first ironworks village on this journey is the Strömfors village. Strömfors is a historic industrial destination located in Ruotsinpyhtää, 1,5 hours east of Helsinki. Dating back to the 17th century, Strömfors played a significant role in Finland's iron production and trade. Today, the area has been beautifully restored, offering visitors a chance to explore its rich history, enjoy artisan workshops, visit charming boutiques, and experience the scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Travel tip:

The next location on this journey is Högfors in the Karkkila region just north of Helsinki. The drive from Strömfors to Högfors takes two hours.

Travel tip:

After strolling around the picturesque Mathildedal area, it is time to head to the next ironworks destination on this route, Kauttua. Kauttua Ironworks leads you deeper into the Coast and Archipelago region and it is located 2,5 hours north of Mathildedal.

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Hotel room

Hotel at Ahlström Noormarkku

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