Best restaurants in Finland

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Credits: Savoy

Helsinki – the capital of fine dining

The top restaurants in Finland take you on an unforgettable culinary expedition by using local ingredients in the most creative and mouth-watering ways. Finnish food culture is known for its pure flavours and minimalistic aesthetics and the sophistication in fine dining is unpaired.

This mastery is also noted by the renowned Michelin guide. Currently, the Michelin-starred restaurants listed below are all located in Helsinki, apart from Kaskis in Turku and Vår in Porvoo.

Let's take a look at the bustling culinary scene in Finland!

Article updated June 13, 2023.


Looking for that crème de la crème dining experience? According to Michelin, this is it. Palace has been a pioneer of Finnish gastronomy since its establishment in 1952. It was the first restaurant in Finland to receive a Michelin star in 1987. Today the two-starred restaurant continues to exceed the expectations of those with the highest standards and an appetite for the extraordinaire. Savor the delicate flavours of modern Nordic cuisine on the 10th floor and let your gaze wander at the stunning views over the city and its seascape.

The award-winning restaurant is run by Chef Eero Vottonen.
Credits : Palace
Elegance is present in every detail.
Credits: Palace
Dining above the rooftops of Helsinki is nothing short of an elevating experience.
Credits: Palace


Located at a townhouse next to the Presidential Palace in downtown Helsinki, Olo’s take on fine dining is elegant yet laid-back. This minimalistic Nordic gourmet restaurant uses local ingredients in the most innovative and flavoursome ways. Olo has had a Michelin star since 2011. Dining with a group of people? Here you can reserve a room for a private get-together.

Olo's dishes are both delicious and pleasing to the eye.
Credits : Olo
The interior of Olo reflects a minimalistic, Nordic aesthetic.
Credits: Olo


Grön is known for its wild twist to modern fine dining. This restaurant – run by Chef of the Year award winner Toni Kostian – puts vegetables to the fore. Grön uses seasonal, organic, and wild Nordic ingredients to create unforgettable culinary experiences with the highest standards. The restaurant's dedication to sustainability has also been recognized with Michelin's green star along with one regular.

Chef Toni Kostian finds inspiration from Nordic nature.
Credits : Toni Kostian, Grön
Grön's dining room is dimly lit and intimate.
Credits: Grön


Demo is one of the most famous fine dining restaurants in Finland, owned by Tommi Tuominen, who also runs Finnjävel. Since its establishment in 2003, Demo’s been focused on offering memorable experiences and delicious food in a relaxed environment. This has been a winning recipe, as the restaurant has retained its Michelin star since 2007. Indulge in Demo’s state-of-the-art menu and pair it with some carefully curated beverages; the restaurant’s cellar consists of over 400 high-quality wines.

Demo's culinary art relies on minimal aesthetics.
Credits: Demo

Finnjävel Salonki

Finnjävel Salonki offers an elegant introduction to authentic Finnish cuisine with a contemporary twist. In this intimate restaurant, you will be served a modern interpretation of traditional dishes often based on meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, and eggs. Along with the Michelin star, Finnjävel Salonki has also received an award for the best service in Nordic countries.

The term Finnjävel comes from Swedish and originates from the word "Finnish devil". It was a pejorative term used in the 1950s that the restaurant turned into an homage of the culinary essence of Finland.
Credits : Finnjävel
Finnjävel Salonki's take on Finnish cuisine is strikingly fresh and delicate.
Credits: Finnjävel


VÅR, located in the charming city of Porvoo near Helsinki, is the second restaurant outside of the capital to receive a Michelin star (2023). The restaurant has a unique take on modern Finnish cuisine while respecting its traditional heritage. Known for a strong focus on locality, VÅR builds each course with fresh, seasonal ingredients hand-picked by local producers. As sustainability is at the core of the restaurant's food philosophy, it also holds a Michelin Green Star.

VÅR is located in the charming city of Porvoo.
Credits: Restaurant Vår


Kaskis, the gem of fine dining in Turku, is one of the two Michelin-starred restaurants outside the capital. Here you can enjoy a tailored 7-course menu made from fresh, local ingredients. The vibrant flavours and colours of the delicately finished dishes will showcase the craftsmanship of Kaskis and create an unforgettable experience for all senses.

Kaskis' culinary art is created using local ingredients and produce.
Kaskis is the first restaurant outside of Helsinki to have received the coveted Michelin star.
Credits: Kaskis

Other top restaurant picks in Finland

Hungry for more restaurants? Don’t worry – there are plenty of other places where you can indulge your gusto for gourmet. Below are some selections from the top of the 50 Best restaurants of Finland list (2022).

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Savoy, Helsinki

This legendary fine-dining restaurant serves Finnish-French cuisine above the rooftops of Helsinki. The timeless interior is designed by Aino and Alvar Aalto.

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