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The best place to relax your senses and enjoy the beautiful and pristine Finnish nature is the National Parks. There are 41 nature reserves in Finland - all of them are free to enter and open year-round with marked trails. A visit to any of the parks is sure to grow your love of the great outdoors even more.

Learn more about National Parks in different regions below and search for the one nearest to your travel destination.

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There are 41 National Parks in Finland. The first ones – Pallas-Ounastunturi and Pyhä – were founded in 1938.

Things to do

There are various ways to experience and enjoy the clean Nordic nature, so whether you are travelling solo or with kids, the parks have plenty of options to choose from. Maybe you want to go fishing in Lapland and do short hikes on accessible routes? Start preparing your trip to a nature reserve with the help of the travel planner.


Essential to know

Make every effort to preserve the wildlife. Show a good example by collecting your rubbish and the trash left by other hikers and taking it to an appropriate waste bin.

If you wander in the forests in the summer and autumn seasons, feel free to pick berries and mushrooms! You are allowed to pick them free of charge – just make sure you get familiar with Everyman’s Right beforehand. 

You can light your campfire only where it is allowed, and camping stoves should be used whenever possible. Read the visitor guidelines to follow the outdoor etiquette in nature reserves.

What to pack

They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing. Make yourself a favour, and ensure you have weather and season-appropriate gear before entering the wilderness. A good idea is to go through some ready-made packing checklists beforehand.

How to get there

No car? No problem. You can get to most National Parks environment-friendly by buses and trains. In the Archipelago and Coast Region, you may need a boat or a ferry ride to fully explore the area as the National Parks often extend to the isles.

Start by planning your route to the nature reserve. Once you have booked your trip, you might also want to consider offsetting your carbon footprint.

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Here you can find all of Finland's national parks on a map. Click the pin to read more about each nature reserve.

National Parks by regions

Read more about the National Parks in different regions; Lakeland, Helsinki, Coast and Archipelago, and Lapland.

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